Waterloo Meadows clean-up, 13 October 2018

Thames Water, the Katesgrove Community Association and the Friends of Waterloo Meadows will join together on Saturday 9 March to clean litter from Waterloo Meadows.

A recent Waterloo meadows clean-up, in October 2017, yielded about 15 sacks of rubbish, bike parts, furniture and old sleeping bags which Reading Borough Council took away for disposal.

If you would like to help, you can join in with this Reading RESCUE (‘rivers and environmental spaces clean up event’) by coming to the Waterloo Meadows Children’s centre, off Elgar Road in Reading at 10am on Saturday 9 March.

  1. Waterloo Meadows cleaned up by volunteers
  2. Friends of Waterloo Meadows
  3. Reading RESCUE
  4. Katesgrove Community Association