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Planning applications in south Reading during the week ending 2 February

These planning applications may be discussed at one of the next Reading Borough Council planning applications committees.

Church ward

Planning application 190002.
32 Ashburton Road
RG2 7PE.

Single storey rear extension.

See all recent planning applications at RG2 7PE.

Planning application 190121.
82 Winton Road
RG2 8HJ.

Two storey rear extension, loft conversion and porch.

See all recent planning applications at RG2 8HJ.

Katesgrove ward

Planning application 190015.
Willow Corner
29a Highgrove Street

Certificate of Lawfulness for use of existing building at 29A Highgrove Street as seven flats (Class C3).

Whitley ward

Planning application 190104.
36 Blandford Road
RG2 8RF.

Discharge of condition 5 (asbestos management survey) of planning permission 171593/HOU.

See all recent planning applications at RG2 8RF.

  1. Reading Borough Council planning applications committees
  2. Reading Borough Council planning portal


  1. How much increased traffic is this going to cause to our one way Highgrove Street? And would car park be provided for those flats as there’s not enough space in Highgrove Street for the already existing residents?!
    The road in Highgrove Street is in very poor condition and I am concerned about the safety of the families living there if the traffic increases with speeding motorists shooting down that road!

  2. Stephane – you need to log your objections with Reading Borough Council at

  3. Planning application 190002 was permitted on 6 March.

  4. Conditions were discharged on planning application 190104 on 12 April.

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