Demolition of the Woodley Arms may not be far off, because property developers Lainston Woodley Arms LLP have submitted a construction method statement to Reading Borough Council (RBC) outlining the way in which they will carry out the demolition and the subsequent building works.

This construction method statement was one of the conditions imposed by RBC on the planning application to build 38 student studios; the application was only allowed after the property developer appealed RBC’s refusal to the Government planning inspector.

The construction method states that works will minimise disruption to neighbouring properties. Proposed restrictions on times of works are:

  • Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm,
  • Saturday 8am to 1pm.

Deliveries to the site will not take place outside working hours and will avoid morning school run times. There will be no deliveries before 9am because of the proximity to Katesgrove School (New Christ Church Primary School is not mentioned).

The developers do not intend to make any parking available to those who are working on the site and say:

There is no parking on site for private or commercial vehicles and operatives will be encouraged to make use of public transport.
Cycle parking and associated facilities will be made available to site staff as required.

When a contractor has been appointed more detailed information will be available about the construction.

At the top of this post is a gallery of images of the Woodley Arms since it closed, including the van fire in December 2018 and the rescued sports trophies; it’s not just the pigeons on the roof who will miss this public house.

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