Coley Park flats from the south-east

On a sunny January morning we set out for a walk to see the high rise flats at Coley Park which are a feature on our skyline on the other side of Coley Gorge.

Looking back at Katesgrove from Coley Recreation Ground the spire of Christchurch is a landmark and it is also possible to make out the flats on Aveley Walk, the backs of houses on Collis Street and the western edge of Waldeck Street.

Katesgrove from Coley Recreation Ground

Almost at the end of Wensley Road we were greeted by the three blocks of high rise flats, although from most angles one of them is at least partially obscured. Wensley Road continues round in a loop and before it turns back towards Reading is the view of the ‘dark side’ of the flats, never visible from Katesgrove.

Other views of and from Katesgrove are out there to be discovered. Whitley Pump has a Historypin profile where some Katesgrove views have already been shared.

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