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The view from Katesgrove Hill

Where in the ward is this?

Where in the ward is this?

It is a permanent feature in a publicly accessible place somewhere in Katesgrove ward, in Reading.

Place your answers in the comments below.

The winner gets nothing but glory.


  1. This ‘porthole’ window is located in London Road and is in the Kendrick Road Conservation Area. It is on the 18th century building which has been known for many years as the Kendrick View Dental Surgery. Around 1800 it was the home of the Mitford family including Mary Russell Mitford, the author of books of local interest, ‘Our Village’ and ‘Belford Regis’. It is notable that the porthole, which is one of a pair, has been inserted into what was originally a Georgian sash window and there are other windows in the front of the building that have been completely bricked in over time.

  2. Not only is Mr Wood right about the location, but has added a heap of information I didn’t know! I always thought these ‘portholes’ were an original, albeit eccentric, part of the design. Thanks!
    Here is more about Mary Mitford.

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