By Tamana Hamidy.

Kabul, by Masoud Akbari via Wikimedia Commons

The end of the year is a time when people from all around the world turn to thoughts of home and family. This year, Tamana Hamidy, who is learning English in Reading, sends a letter of love back to her home town of Kabul.

Kabul is the capital city of Afghanistan, a city which once was the jewel of Asia. It is located high up in a narrow valley between the Hindu Kush mountains, making Kabul one of the highest capitals in the world. Kabul is over 3,873 years old, and is a very progressive and modern capital. It has modern cinemas, cafés, gardens with colourful flowers, schools, libraries, universities and much more…

The Hindu Kush, by Hans Birger Nilsen via Wikimedia Commons

Kabulis were highly educated, progressive and cosmopolitan people where education had been one of the important factors of life. My family is one of the four million who lived in that beautiful city. It is my city, and is a place of which I have special memories. From being a baby to all grown up, it was somewhere that I felt safe, happy and noisy by teaching my own way of dancing every afternoon to my younger sisters!

Kabul! My beloved city, where my home is, where I spent my childhood, and grew up with my two beautiful sisters and brothers. How can I forget about my kind and hardworking parents? I remember the times that we celebrated special occasions, went shopping and travelled to different places during school holidays, like going horse riding, going to my father’s place where it was so quiet and green, and of course the blue river! How wild it was and how big it was! I always held the hand of my best friend, my father, to feel safe at that moment.

The Kabul river, by franek2 via Wikimedia commons

Now that I am writing this essay and thinking about those close to the memories of my heart, my heart is jumping like a rabbit! A new journey started when I moved to England and began a fresh page in my life! But this time, I am away from my special place Kabul, my family and my friends.

England is a country with an absolutely different way of living to my city Kabul; but one thing is familiar, the kind and welcoming people. I asked myself a thousand times if I should turn around and go back to the safety of my parents and my city Kabul.

Now I do realize that my city is not the city of my fairy tales and many people struggle and fight for their life each and every day. Conflicts have come to the doors of millions living in Kabul now; people are dying, children are losing their parents, mothers waiting for their sons and daughters to come home from war, and they are dreaming about
freedom and hoping for the war to end. But I still love you, Kabul, and I am proud of you! Being one of your citizens, you will always be my special place in this world forever.

Kabul, by BellalKhan via Wikimedia Commons

Kabul, I would love to salute you!