The old Wellington Arms (Huma Jehan)

The new occupier of the Wellington Arms on Whitley Street has been announced; it will be Greggs the bakers. The news has moved a neighbour to pen a wistful ode.

The Welly Arms is now no more.
No fag stained walls or sticky floor.
Its outer shell no longer tiled.
Inside, no porter, ale or mild.
Instead a shrine to clog your heart
with meaty bakes and jammy tarts.
No pickled eggs or scampi fries,
now tuna melts and greasy pies.
For Greggs has come to Whitley Street
to peddle yum-yums, pastries sweet.
And if their fare won’t make you linger
to partake of latte with iced finger,
Leg it down Southampton Street
to sup a pint at the Hop Leaf.

The anonymous bard of RG2