Negative Capability is the twenty-first album by former Milman Road, Katesgrove resident, singer and songwriter Marianne Faithfull. Negative Capability was a phrase used by the romantic poet John Keats in 1817 in a letter to his brothers.

Described by Marianne as her “most honest album”, the songs deal with themes of love, death as well as terrorism and loneliness.

‘As Tears Go By’ started Marianne’s career as a 17 year old with the 1964 release.

She re-recorded it for a second time aged 40 on 1987’s Strange Weather album.

‘Witches Song’ is a rework of the song from her 1979 comeback album Broken English.

‘It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue’ was originally released in 1985.

The ‘Loneliest Person’ is a cover of a Pretty Things composition from their amazing 1968 concept album S F Sorrow.

The rest of the songs, with one exception, are all new and co-written by Faithfull with help from some long time collaborators like Nick Cave and Ed Harcourt. ‘They Come at Night’ was written with Mark Lanegan following November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks.

Marianne’s deep and complex voice is amazing and portrays vividly the life in the fast lane of rock for the last 55 years. Comparisons with such career highlights as Leonard Cohen’s ‘You Want it Darker‘ are inevitable but Negative Capability really does belong in such exalted company. A true Hero of Katesgrove!

Track Listing:

Misunderstanding (Faithfull / Rob McVey / Silvert Hayam / Ed Harcourt)
The Gypsy Fairy Queen (Faithfull / Nick Cave)
As Tear Go By (Jagger / Richards / Oldham)
In My Own Particular Way (Faithfull / Ed Harcourt / Warren Ellis / Robe McVey)
Born To Live (Faithfull / Ed Harcourt)
Witches Song (Faithfull / Barry Reynolds / Joe Mavety / Steve York / Terry Stannard)
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (Dylan)
They Come at Night (Faithfull /Mark Lanegan)
Don’t Go (Faithfull / Ed Harcourt)
No Moon in Paris (Faithfull / Ed Harcourt)
Loneliest Person (May / Taylor / Waller/ Alan / Povey / Alder)

Links and references
  1. BMG Records
  2. Marianne Faithfull website
  3. Marianne Faithfull attended Christ Church CE Primary School and St Joseph’s Convent during the period 1951-1964 when she lived in Milman Road.