By Scaramouche.

Reading Borough Council’s (RBC) lead councillor for health, wellbeing and sport Graeme Hoskin unexpectedly started channelling Little Dorrit at the policy committee meeting on 29 October. It is gratifying to know that in this era of austerity RBC can still maintain the high standards of circumlocution and inaction for which all levels of English government are justly famed.

A member of the public, Peter Burt, asked the council who would be held accountable if the two new swimming pools promised to replace the Arthur Hills Baths and the Central Swimming Pool weren’t open by January 2020; a timetable agreed in a policy meeting in 2016.

Councillor Hoskin replied:

“I did ask who would be held accountable, but the answer doesn’t seem to say anything about that,” said Mr Burt. “I think I’ll let the answer hang there as its own little monument to the failure of anybody in Reading Borough Council to take responsibility for anything.”