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Planning applications in south Reading during the week ending 13 October

These planning applications may be discussed at one of the next Reading Borough Council planning applications committees.

Abbey ward

Planning application 181713.
Watlington House
44 Watlington Street

Erection of new dwarf wall & railings to the street frontage and reformatting the forecourt.

Church ward

Planning application 181719.
93 Ashburton Road
RG2 7PA.

Single storey side extension and front porch with extended roof over.

See other planning applications at RG2 7PA.

Katesgrove ward

Planning application 181732.
24 Crown Street
RG1 2SE.

Rear extension measuring 5.6m in depth, with a maximum height of 3.41m, and 2.6m in height to eaves level. Notification of the construction of an extension under class A Part 1 of Schedule 2 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development(England) Order 2015.

See other planning applications at RG1 2SE.

Planning application 181743.
Wellington Arms
70-72 Whitley Street
RG2 0EQ.

Non-material amendment to application 181351 – Adjust hours of opening to 6am-8pm Monday to Saturday and 7am-5pm Sundays and Bank Holidays.

This planning application (already approved) cites Greggs the bakers as the new occupant of the ground floor of the Wellington Arms.

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Whitley ward

Planning application 181707.
Unit 7 Rose Kiln Lane
RG2 0SN.

Increased customer terrace enclosure with continuation of existing canopy over.

See other planning applications at RG2 0SN.

Planning application 181718.
400 Longwater Avenue
RG2 6GP.

Discharge of conditions 3, 4, 12 & 13 of planning permission 160569.

See other planning applications at RG2 6GP.

Planning application 181720.
Proctor End North
Imperial Way
RG2 0GG.

Display of two internally illuminated fascia signs.

See other planning applications at RG2 0GG.

  1. Reading Borough Council planning applications committees
  2. Reading Borough Council planning portal


  1. Planning application 181743 was agreed on 11 October.

  2. Planning application 181351 was permitted on 27 September.

  3. The status of planning application 181732 was changed to prior approval not required on 1 November.

  4. There are more recent rumours that Gregg’s has pulled out of the Wellington Arms deal.

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