Reading Borough Council‘s antisocial behaviour (ASB) team will in court today, 22 August, seeking possession of Long Barn Lane recreation ground after about 20 caravans and attendant vehicles occupied the park in recent days.

A spokesperson for the council said that they would proceed with eviction as soon as enforcement resources became available, if the court granted the council’s request for possession of the land.

In the meantime, neighbours can contact the council’s ASB team by email on [email protected], or you can phone the council on 0118 937 3787.

If you want to contact the police for an issue that isn’t an emergency, then phone 101. You can also contact the Katesgrove neighbourhood policing team by email on [email protected], or the Whitley and Church neighbourhood policing team by email on [email protected].

  1. Reading Borough Council
  2. The police non-emergency number 101
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