Is no news good news? The Whitley Pump antennae are trained downhill on the Civic Offices hoping to pick up any crackle that would indicate some progress on the production of Reading Borough Council’s (RBC) accounts for the two previous years.

We picked up a little static when the annual notice of public right of inspection of RBC accounts popped into the 2017/18 folder in the dark recesses of the section of the council’s website devoted to ‘Policies, Finance and Legal Information‘.

The annual ‘Mr Lovejoy Day‘ notification that RBC draft accounts are available moved forward by about a month this year. This was because of the accelerated deadlines which came into force for local authority accounts.

The notification was however a non-notification and stated that the accounts should have been available for inspection on 1 June but:

The Council has not yet finalised its accounts for 2017/18 and hence is not in a position to open the accounts for public inspection.

This is not surprising as the final accounts for the year ended 31 March 2017 (2016/17) have still not been signed off.

Civic Office watchers also picked up that a meeting of the audit and governance committee scheduled for 31 May 2018 which might have provided some insights was cancelled at short notice.

RBC policy committee meets on Monday 11 June but will not receive any financial reports. In June last year this committee was presented with a report on expenditure compared with the budget for 2016/17. A comparable report is not on the agenda for this year’s meeting.

Time to put the kettle on again!

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