Midnight is a black cat who prowls Boults Walk.

Some people call me the space cowboy yeah
Some call me the gangster of love
Some people call me Midnight
‘Cause I speak of the pompitous of love.

(with apologies to the Steve Miller Band).

My given name is Midnight, but Edna in Milman Road thinks I’m a poor starving female cat called Bella (due to this annoying bell my owner humiliates me with). The Boults Walk residents know me as Slinkyhips and That Holy Terror. Whatever you call me, it matters little to me, as long as I can get into your houses and take my fill of your stupid felines’ food. I can eat anything and get away with it – with my sinuous teenage body I look half starved – an excellent attribute for duping gullible old ladies!

I’m also pretty audacious, if I say so myself. These old flabby has-been moggies trying to guard their houses have no chance against me! I wait stealthily outside and wop them one if they venture out, and if a door is left ajar, I’m in! They’re all terrified of me and I’m half their age and half their size. In fact the only thing they’re good for is tail-gating when those infernal cat flap devices are microchip controlled! Well, it’s probably time for my fourth, or is it fifth, meal of the day… Got to make hay while the sun shines as I can’t stay this slim for much longer! See ya around!

He might not be in at the time, but you can leave a message for Midnight at [email protected]. You can use the same email address if you would like your Katesgrove cat to be profiled.

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