The installation of the ‘Whitley Wood Album’, a set of three public artworks by Bruce Williams, was celebrated by the children of the Geoffrey Field Junior School in Whitley and the Reading mayor Rose Williams on 11 May.

The artwork outside Rabson’s Rec portrays local football team Rabson’s Rovers.

“Rabson’s Rovers was established in 1942 with John Rabson Recreation Ground being its home pitch until the late 1990s,” said Trisha Bennett from the Whitley Community Museum. “Rabson’s folded in 2009 but the memories live on in the hearts of many Whitley people. This art tribute will support the telling of many a tale we are sure.”

The Whitley Community Museum also provided photographs from its collection for the new artworks.

The artwork outside the Geoffrey Field Junior School shows dinner ladies and children, and the one on the Engineer’s Arms roundabout on Whitley Wood Lane shows a group of children and their teacher.

“Not only are Bruce Williams’ sculptures amazing pieces of artwork, they are a great celebration of the spirit of Whitley and I’m really pleased that children have been included in one of the pieces,” said Geoffrey Field Junior School head teacher Shelly Hancock. “The artwork on the Whitley Wood roundabout features some of our amazing year 6 pupils who are obviously very excited to be part of this fantastic project.”

Tesco contributed £81,800 towards public art in Whitley as part of the ‘S106’ agreement for its warehouse distribution centre in Imperial Way in 2011.

Reading mayor Rose Williams opening the ‘Whitley Wood Album’ on Friday 11 May (photo: John Howard).

The artist Bruce Williams also created the Oscar Wilde memorial walk in 2000 next to the prison.

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