Reading Borough Council (RBC) neighbourhood initiatives manager Chris Bloomfield and RBC neighbourhood initiatives officer Janet Ives have taken on the role of Katesgrove Community Association (KCA) chair, after the existing chair, Abby Knowles, and treasurer, Dan Knowles, stepped down.

At the KCA’s last annual general meeting in November, Abby and Dan Knowles had said they would step down, and no other Katesgrove resident has since come forward to replace them.

“We’re happy, on a short-term basis, to fulfill that role,” said Chris Bloomfield, speaking for both himself and Janet Ives. “Once a community association is gone, it may not come back for a generation.”

“We’re really committed as a council in staying with this and doing what it takes to keep it going,” he said.

The KCA will re-organise into three groups, focussing on crime & safety, the environment and community events. The KCA will continue to meet every two months.

“Between those months, the groups can meet as frequently as there is energy or interest,” said Chris Bloomfield. “They can report back to the bi-monthly KCA meetings for additional support, or possibly funding requests.”

Janet Ives said she had received 12 responses from the online survey. Five respondees were interested in the crime group, 10 in the environmental group and six in community events. Nine people wanted to help with the KCA noticeboards, two would help with the KCA Facebook page and three wanted to help keep the website up-to-date.

“I really like the idea of issues-focussed groups,” said newly re-elected Katesgrove councillor Sophia James. “I hope it would encourage more younger people to come on board.”

The next KCA meeting will be on Wednesday 11 July at 7pm at the Waterloo Meadows Children’s centre, Elgar Road RG2 0BN.

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