You can now read everything you ever wanted to know about Reading Borough Council’s (RBC) new local plan on a dedicated web page. Once adopted, it will be the main planning document for Reading until 2036.

The process of developing the plan started in 2016 with a consultation on issues and options and it was submitted to the Secretary of State for public examination by a government appointed inspector on 29 March this year.

The role of the inspector is to “consider the Local Plan and Proposals Map, and determine whether they are sound, legally compliant and fulfil the duty to co-operate”.

The proposals map is a good place to start, not least because it features a map of Basingtoke Road and Northumberland Avenue on the front page. This is where you can find the areas that you are interested in and also a key to the rainbow colours and different shading effects that are used on more detailed maps.

Most of south Reading is on maps F and G, but parts of Katesgrove lie within the central area on maps M and N and the Whitley Pump and the shops on Whitley Street have their own special plan on map R.

Within the plan are the proposed planning policies for Reading which include those on house building, heritage, open space and public houses.

The web page includes links to other RBC and national planning policies forming a useful repository of everything about planning in Reading. The new plan is expected to be adopted in 2019.

RBC say that for general information on the local plan you should contact the Planning Policy Team on 0118 937 3337 or [email protected].

  1. Local Plan Examination
  2. New Local Plan for Reading
  3. Proposals Map
  4. Maps E to G
  5. Maps L to N
  6. Maps O to R
  7. Whitley Pump on the new local plan