Parking on Charndon Close

Progress is being made towards introducing a residents parking scheme on Charndon Close, Katesgrove, where parking problems have become progressively worse since the Waldeck Street residents parking scheme was implemented.

A scheme for Charndon Close, Collis Street and Rowley Road is now sixth in the order of priorities agreed by the Reading Borough Council traffic management sub-committee on Thursday 8 March.

It has moved up one place since June 2017 because the Cintra Avenue and Warwick Road scheme was implemented in September following a statutory consultation.

The papers that went to the committee described that due to a change in policy in the last year, residents parking on Charndon Close can now be considered.

Requested by Councillors and residents and included in the 2016B Waiting Restriction Review programme.

At January 2017 TMSC [traffic management sub committee], Officers noted that the street did not meet the criteria for a permit scheme. The site assessment criteria policy has now been amended and a scheme can be considered.

TMSC agreed the priority of this scheme at their meeting in March 2017 and for requests in Collis Street and Rowley Road to be considered at the same time.

Informal consultations have taken place in all the five areas which lead the queue of priorities. In January it was agreed that the top priority scheme in the Little Johns Lane area of Battle ward would move to the stage of a statutory consultation.

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