As a celebration of World Book Day 2018, the Whitley Pump looks back at the books we reviewed in the last year.

‘Parched City’ by Emma Jones

Emma Jones’ book is all about London’s water supply through the ages. It is an absolutely fascinating read for anyone with an interest in drinking water. The sections that deal with London today and replacing a reliance on bottled water with free drinking water provision in public places, chime well with the mood of the times.

‘Views from the Hill’ by Dennis Wood

Subtitled ‘The Story of Whitley’ this welcome book from Dennis Wood, who grew up in Whitley, fills a gap on the shelf of Reading’s local history books. It includes a section with memories of Whitley residents.

‘Picture Palace to Penny Plunge’ by David Cliffe

Reading once had dozens of cinemas and although some, though very few, of the buildings are still with us, they are no longer used as cinemas. There is also a fascinating section at the back of the David Cliffe’s book about films made in Reading which include a scene in a ‘A Bridge too Far’ which was filmed on Hill Street in Katesgrove.

‘The Shady Side of Town’ by Adrian Lawson and Geoff Sawers

A beautifully illustrated book for Reading tree lovers, The Shady Side of Town features over thirty of the town’s trees. It is a book which displays the authors’ passion for trees and the need for more in our urban environment.

The Whitley Pump library does include novels, but we did not review any last year. Our nearest book group is the RISC book club which meets on the last Thursday of the month at Reading International Solidarity Centre on London Street. Their next meeting is 29 March and the novel will be ‘The Wide Sargasso Sea’ by Jean Rhys.

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