Reading Borough Council (RBC) are proposing cuts to Reading libraries that will save £220,000 per year. This includes a further reduction in library opening hours. You can make your views known during the consultation process which ends on 21 March 2018.

The proposals will affect all of Reading’s libraries, including the Central Library where closing on Mondays is an option to reduce opening hours from 46 to 36 a week.

Whitley Library will move into the South Reading Community Centre in June 2018. Cuts in opening hours are proposed here from 21 to 18 hours.

RBC councillors agreed at a policy committee meeting on Monday 19 February that a consultation should take place.

The lead councillor for culture, sport and consumer services Sarah Hacker said:

I encourage people to get involved to take part in the consultation and let us know what they think, but unless the government comes to its senses and realises the damage it is doing to local authorities, this is how it is going to be going forward.

at [0:25:50]

The consultation is in the form of an online survey: your library services.

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