Reading East MP Matt Rodda attempted to get a straight answer from the foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, in parliament on 20 February.

Mr Rodda asked his question during the leaving the EU: diplomatic co-operation debate:

The foreign secretary’s 5000-word speech on Brexit last week was described by one of his ministerial colleagues as follows: “he is completely in denial about the complexity of the exit and the negative economic… consequences.”

Will the foreign secretary clear something up? Is he in denial or is he just wrong?

The foreign secretary gave his 5000 word speech at the Policy Exchange on 14 February. One of Mr Johnson’s ministerial colleagues is reported to have anonymously criticised the foreign secretary in Politico, an international political journal:

There was nothing in it. Absolutely no detail. He is completely in denial about the complexity of the exit and the negative economic and political consequences. It is bluster, which will cost the country dear. The tragedy is that by the time anybody realizes it and he has been proved wrong, the real cost will have set in and we will have left the EU. In five years time he will be dead meat.

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In response to Mr Rodda’s parliamentary question, Mr Johnson said:

If I may, I will respectfully resist the alternatives that the honourable gentleman lays before me. Last week, I was trying to make the point that we now have a massive opportunity to come together—people who voted remain and people who voted leave—to get a positive arrangement and a positive Brexit that will be of massive benefit to people both in this country and in the whole of the European continent. If we are ambitious and positive, I have absolutely no doubt that we can pull it off.

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