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New enforceable bus lanes proposed on London Street and the A33

Reading Borough Council (RBC) has proposed new enforceable bus lanes on London Street and the A33, and have asked for public comment by 1 March 2018.

London Street

The council plan to create a new southbound lane on London Street, between Mill Lane and Crown Street, by using road areas that are currently hatched out or are occupied by traffic islands. The result will be the one northbound bus lane which already exists, one new southbound bus lane next to the the eastern kerbside, and one southbound lane in the middle of the road for general traffic. The plan suggests that two traffic islands will be lost, replaced by one pedestrian crossing outside Shehnai (the Olympia Ballroom).

The council say this new plan will increase road capacity by segregating buses into their own lanes.


RBC plan to build a new enforceable bus lane on the southbound A33 between the northern Rose Kiln Lane junction (near the Grosvenor Casino) and the southern Rose Kiln Lane junction (near the water treatment works), and between the Kennet bridge (near the southern Rose Kiln lane junction) and Lindisfarne Way (for Kennet Island).

The council is also seeking a traffic regulation order to manage the existing southbound A33 bus lane between the Lindisfarne Way and Bennet Road gyratory.

The council also plan a new enforceable bus lane on the northbound A33 between the Bennet Road junction and the Island Road junction (the road to the tip), and from the Island Road junction to the southern Rose Kiln Lane junction.

The new bus lanes will be built by reconstructing the verges of the A33. Maps are available from the council website.

You can object to the council’s proposals for these new enforceable bus lanes by sending an email to [email protected] no later than 1 March 2018. You need to show the reason for your objection.

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  2. RBC traffic management sub-committee, 11 January 2018 papers and webcast.
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  1. The email address on the RBC website was incorrectly stated it should have read [email protected].

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