Arthur Hill Baths, the heritage swimming pool on the Park and Redlands ward borders and the nearest swimming pool to the Whitley Pump, is open for voluntary sector bids until 21 March 2018.

The pool closed on 18 December 2016 and is an asset of community value for ‘furthering the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community’.

It is also a locally listed building, and the listing entry states:

Greatest significance is in terms of the frontal building (Kings Road), although not great in scale, the intricacy and largely intact frontal building in the Italianate style makes it a pleasing building of townscape merit.

There was a question from a member of the public at the Reading Borough Council (RBC) full council meeting on 23 January 2018 who asked when it was going on the market. Sarah Hacker, lead councillor for culture, sport and consumer services, replied [at 00:25:18]:

Thank you for your timely question, Mr Lightfoot. The marketing of the Arthur Hill Pool site commenced yesterday (22nd January) with a closing date for offers of the 21st March. This will allow eight weeks for any voluntary sector organisations to submit bids should they wish as per our community lettings policy. Reading Voluntary Action has also been informed and will be publicising the opportunity via their newsletter this week,

The criteria for assessing bids for the site are varied, but linked to ensuring that the Council secures ‘best value’, including taking account of any community benefit as well as the monetary value and factors such as the robustness of proposals and deliverability. Any assessment will also need to be mindful of relevant planning policy, including policy ERR1h of the emerging draft local plan which supports residential development of the site with the retention of the frontage of the building.

Potential bidders can obtain an application form, guidance, scoring and accompanying information from Clare Muir, RBC policy and voluntary sector manager:

email: [email protected]
phone: 0118 937 2119

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