A fantastic night out yet again at South Street Arts Centre. Habib Koite, supported by Sura Susso, entertained with performances which were both lively and energetic but also thoughtful in this sold out event.

Kora player Sura Susso from Gambia played a delightful opening set and came back later in the show to perform a duet with Habib Koite and a number with the full band.

Habib Koite played with his five piece ensemble Bamada comprising of two guitars, a keyboard and two drummers which were capable of a big sound when called for. His website describes his style as follows:

The predominant style played by Habib is based on the danssa, a popular rhythm from his native city of Keyes. He calls his version danssa doso, a Bambara term he coined that combines the name of the popular rhythm with the word for hunter’s music (doso), one of Mali’s most powerful and ancient musical traditions.

With an incredible vocal presence and engaging showmanship, Habib Koite was enthusiastically received by the South Street audience. Whilst the seating was welcome, some in the audience found it all just too much by the end and just had to get up and dance.

The artists were brought to Reading by Brighton based African Night Fever.

Habib Koite is now touring in the USA and returns to Europe in the middle of November for concerts in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Sweden.

The concert was part of Reading’s Black History Month programme which also included Being Gordon Greenidge.

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