In my recent post about Katesgrove then (1980) and now, I mentioned the many changes that have taken place over the years, but earlier this year we did have two shops remaining; the newsagents near St Giles’ Church and the convenience store next to the former Cambridge Arms.

In recent weeks the newsagents has closed; the alcohol sales licence was reviewed in April 2016. All the evidence points to the convenience store also being in the process of closure as clearly the stock is being run down. Planning permission was recently granted for change of use of the ground floor from retail to residential. If “Jack’s” , as it used to be known, goes, all we will have left will be the Private Shop (perhaps not of universal appeal), a pizza parlour and the last remaining pub, the Hop Leaf. So no paper shop, no grocers, no butchers, no barbers, no chemists, one pub and one porn shop! After that it’s Tesco’s or the town…

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