Matt Rodda

Reading East MP Matt Rodda (Labour) gave a speech during parliament’s UK nationals in the EU debate on 12 September in which he warned that the government’s “heavy handed” approach to post-Brexit immigration could split up families.

“I represent Reading, a town with a large population of EU nationals who play a significant role in our local NHS, in the IT industry that is a core part of the town’s economy and in many other services,” said Matt Rodda.

He cited a leaked Home Office document called ‘Border, immigration and citizenship system after the UK leaves the EU’ that proposed driving down the number of EU migrants by only offering them a maximum two years residency, with a few years extension for people with highly skilled occupations.

“The document describes… a system that ends the right to settle in Britain for most European migrants and places tough new restrictions on their rights to bring family into this country. That could lead to thousands of families being split up,” he said.

“Such a heavy-handed approach drives a cart and horses through both businesses and families in my constituency and across the UK. The ill-will generated by such an approach would harm our remaining negotiations with the EU.”

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