Dr Mittal’s practice at Milman Road Health Centre has invited users of the health centre to attend a patient participation group (PPG) at 10am on Saturday 2 September.

This is a newly constituted PPG and the meeting will discuss terms of reference (that is, to what issues the PPG will address itself) and elect a secretary.

They will also decide on the dates of future meetings. The current proposal is the morning of the first Saturday in March, June, September and December.

The agenda of the meeting includes a discussion about how to improve on the surgery’s GP patient survey results where only 36% of respondents said they got to see their preferred GP, compared to a local average of 51%.

The Milman Road Health centre website says:

The PPG aims to act as the ‘voice of patients’, reflecting local views and opinions and thereby having a say in changes and decisions taken within the Practice. The practice can also use the PPG as a ‘sounding board’ for new ideas they may wish to try.

The Milman Road Health Centre is on Milman Road, Reading RG1 0AR and the PPG meeting is open to anyone who uses the surgery.

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