From left: Lynne Reynolds (RBC project officer), Sarah Hacker (RBC councillor for sport), Andrew O’Hare (local BMX enthusiast)

The BMX track at Waterloo Meadows has been cleared of vegetation and renovated with newly profiled jumps.

“The renovated track will now be completed in time for the school holidays,” said Sarah Hacker, Reading Borough Council (RBC) lead councillor for sport. “[It will] provide young people with a modern facility [at which] to enjoy the long and hopefully hot summer days.”

The refurbishment was funded by section 106 payments made by property developers. “It isn’t council tax money funding this,” explained RBC project officer Lynne Reynolds.

Andrew O’Hare, a local BMX enthusiast, petitioned RBC to fund an international standard of BMX track some years ago, but the council never had the money to do it.

“I have been harrassing the council for a very long time,” said Andrew O’Hare. “Then, out of the blue, the council contacted me last month saying they were ready to spend some money.” He added that the facility wasn’t just for Reading folk, saying “people come from all around to use this track.”

The new track was refurbished by Clark and Kent contractors, who built the London Olympics 2012 BMX track.