Developers have convened a public consultation on the future of the Woodley Arms site on Thursday 15 June at 4pm – 7pm.

The meeting will take place at the Woodley Arms, Waldeck Street, Reading RG1 2RF.

Local residents have strongly opposed two applications (150134 & 160558) for a block of student accommodation on this site, both of which were refused by Reading Borough Council. Appeals by the developer Lainston Woodley Arms LLP were dismissed by the government’s Planning Inspectorate.

At the planning applications committee on 31 May Councillor Rose Williams and Councillor Tony Page both commented on the second unsuccessful appeal.

Rose Williams said:

The Woodley Arms appeal is a great relief to people who live in that area… [and it’s] of great concern to people on Waldeck Street… what’s going to happen to that site. It would be good if we could find somebody who was actually willing to work with the council to provide some low level housing on that site. [00:05:09].

Tony Page went on to add:

I feel that it would be in the interests of the owners of this site to engage not only with the planning authority but also with local members and local residents and I would like to put on record our thanks for the splendid work that was done by local residents in mobilising opinion against this application. [00:07:47].

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