SGN’s roadworks on Christchurch Road have caused significant traffic disruption along Silver Street, Whitley Street, Kendrick Road, Christchurch Road and Basingstoke Road this week. These works will continue all summer and are likely to cause further problems in the area.

The gas mains replacement work will take place in several phases along Kendrick Road and will last until September. This will include closing the left turn from London Road onto Kendrick Road for three weeks from 31 July; traffic will divert up Silver Street. The Christchurch Road turning at the Whitley Pump roundabout will be closed for four weeks from 21 August, and the flow of traffic around the roundabout will be reversed. Some parking will be suspended along Kendrick Road for 11 weeks from 15 May.

These are pictures of the less-than-busy SGN roadworks site at about 4.30pm on Friday 5 May, during which time a fire engine and two ambulances on emergency calls were delayed in the resulting Whitley Street traffic jam.

In a press release, SGN said:

We appreciate that roadworks can be frustrating, however the new plastic pipe has a minimum lifespan of 80 years. This means once the work has been completed, local homes and businesses will enjoy the benefits of a continued safe and reliable gas supply for many years to come.

The SGN complaints department can be phoned on 0800 912 1702 or emailed at [email protected]. You may need to quote project reference XW051SEN32575.

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