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Marina, pub and hotel proposed near Waterloo Meadows

Reading Borough Council (RBC) have proposed to enter into a development agreement with H20 Urban and the Canal and River Trust to build a 100 berth marina, hotel and pub on the A33 side of the Kennet opposite Waterloo Meadows, according to the Katesgrove Labour group.

In her Facebook post, Councillor Rose Williams (Labour) said she was:

… very excited about this project as it will give many locals employment and another housing option to live on a moored barge.

Councillor Rob White (Green) had objected to the proposal in the 10 April RBC policy committee. Although he was not allowed to detail what his objections were, he told the Whitley Pump that :

Reading planners had a number of concerns that development on this site was against environmental or sustainability policies.

1.8m (6 ft) concrete footings protecting pylons from flooding.

The area under discussion is the easternmost part of Coley Meadows between the A33 and the Kennet. This undeveloped patch of land is frequently flooded and electricity pylons in the area have 1.8m (6 ft) concrete footings to raise them above the flood level.

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