Reading Buses are smart with their forward thinking ecological profile, friendly uniformed  drivers, colourful buses and thrifty fares. It really is a pleasure both to use them and see this local service grow into a great company we can be proud of.

It’s such a shame that are still some members of the public who don’t follow any form of bus etiquette, but my first annoyance is the shared bus stops.

No one knows how to queue in the face of such confusion. I’ve often nearly missed a bus at the market place by standing in the wrong line. Everyone wants to uphold a queue system but multiple buses stopping at the same place is just confounding. Perhaps something could be done to encourage a better system; maybe designated lanes or either-side signs. I think orderly queueing is something we can still be proud of in Britain, when it works!

Here are my top ten other bus etiquette transgressions that should be easier to resolve.

  1. Misuse of the disabled seats,
  2. spare seat hogging,
  3. bags on spare seats,
  4. feet on seats,
  5. loud music,
  6. eating messy or pungent food,
  7. loud phone calls,
  8. standing in the way,
  9. littering on the bus,
  10. blocking the aisles with super-sized luggage

I could go on!

How about a code of conduct based on at least these ten transgressions? I can’t help feeling if we let these things go we are tacitly saying it’s OK.  Just for the seat hoggers on the emerald 5 & 6 – I will deliberately target your spare seat if you don’t look so tough!

Maybe if we all did that we could start to honour our great bus service with a new age of bus etiquette and good manners.

Matthew Farrall, the author of this article, died on 20 April 2018.
We are grateful to his family for allowing us to continue to display his work online.