The ground floor practice at Milman Road health centre, previously occupied by Drs Kumar, Croft, Nanu and Mathew, will be run by Dr Mittal and partners from 1 April.

This means that all patients registered at either practice at Milman Road health centre will be looked after by Dr Mittal’s practice, which is based on the first floor.

The change has been made because several of the GPs in Dr Kumar’s practice have recently retired, and Dr Mathew has taken up a post elsewhere.

Dr Mittal’s (upstairs) practice has issued a statement that their patients will see little change. Patients at Dr Kumar’s (downstairs) practice will have the choice on which floor to attend a clinic, and will need to use a new telephone number and a new website from 1 April:

The new amalgamated practice will have 8 GPs. Other services available at the surgery are listed on the website shown above.

  1. Dr Mittal and partners, Milman Road health centre
  2. Dr Kumar and partners, Milman Road health centre
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  4. South Reading Clinical Commissioning Group
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