In the background Christchurch Conservation Area - Diversion at Whitley Pump for the half marathon 3 April 2016

Diversion at Whitley Pump for the half marathon 3 April 2016

This year’s Reading half marathon is on Sunday 19 March and many roads around Katesgrove will be closed for most of the morning and some of the afternoon. Even pedestrians can be affected because roads can become impossible to cross as runners stream past.

Roads can be closed at anytime between 7am and 3pm but indicative times are given as follows:

Christchurch Road9.30am – 12.30pmentire length
Kendrick Road9.30am – 12.40pmentire length
London Road9.45am – 12.40pmbetween Sidmouth Street
and Crown Street
London Street9am – 12.40pmentire length
Mill Lane (north and southbound) 7am – 12.40pmentire length

The map on the marathon website is not very clear and does not show some roads such as Mount Pleasant and Silver Street.

Bus services will also be disrupted. There will be no Emerald number 5, 6 or 6a, nor Red number 9 for most of the morning.

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