Launchpad Reading’s annual pancake race was held in Broad Street on Tuesday 28 February.

Last year’s winners, Blandy & Blandy, really came a cropper in this year’s final taking a tumble with only a few yards to go.

Field Seymour Parkes, who were third last year, were speed and skill personified and well-deserved winners. This winning team, made up of tall athletic types with 70s glitter wigs, assured the Whitley Pump that they had not been practicing and put their success down to pure speed and skill.

The technique of triple flipping at the start was much in evidence this year. The clergy of Reading Minster made an attempt but didn’t triumph, nor did other teams who may have been slightly impaired by their fancy dress.

Onlooker Victoria McCaffery said she would like to see a wheelchair heat introduced next year and really enjoyed the spectacle, putting her in the mood “for pancakes with sugar and lemon, proper old style”.

This year’s race was very competitive, especially among the legal profession. The onlookers did feel sorry for the some of the racers though, with Matt Davies of Tilehurst saying “the ladies who lost their pancakes were forlorn, but some of the pans seemed a lot smaller than others”.

A great annual event on a chilly day couldn’t help but warm the hearts of onlookers.

The winning Field Seymour Parkes pancake team

The winning Field Seymour Parkes pancake team

Matthew Farrall, the author of this article, died on 20 April 2018.
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