Rising Sun Arts Centre after redecoration

The Rising Sun Arts Centre on Silver Street is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. In 2009 the Reading Experimental Film Festival (REFF) was held there as part of the Whitley Arts Festival.

This was a three night event 23 – 25 October, and for some reason I have been carrying around the ticket (pictured below) in my purse for nearly seven years!


The festival included Karpouziaaa, a commission from Mark Aerial Waller, which was later shown at the Tate Gallery. It featured a mobile fruit and vegetable delivery van in Whitley and included members of the local community as actors. There were other short films too, but I don’t remember the full programme.

In a room above, Jon Lockhart was producing ‘A Stitch in Time‘ incorporating sounds picked up from the floor below.

Alas REFF is no more, and the Whitley Arts Festival 2015 was cancelled as it did not receive an Arts Council grant for the first time in ten years.

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