Rising Sun Arts Centre after redecoration

Reading Libraries’ contribution to Reading Year of Culture 2016 is a little book of facts about Wreading, Redding, Reding or Reading.

At only 26 pages this is an easy wread but when you have red it you will know a little more about the town. The facts are arranged into 11 sections.

  • Reading First
  • On the Map
  • University
  • The Abbey
  • Buildings
  • People
  • Huntley & Palmers
  • Made in Reading
  • Myths and Legends
  • Libraries
  • Reading Festival

The Rising Sun Arts Centre on Silver Street (pictured) and Great Expectations on London Street both get a mention. There are a quite few interesting facts about Reading University and famous people who lived in or passed through Reading.

The delightful artwork for the cover is by Rebecca Pomroy.

The booklet is on sale for £1.50 from Reading Central Library or can be ordered from any branch.

  1. Around Reading in 99 (or so) Facts
  2. Reading Year of Culture
  3. Reading Libraries
  4. Library’s Year of Culture Inspired Booklet
  5. Rebecca Pomroy

Note: The fact this Whitley Pump contributor contributed, unfortunately did not make the cut for the booklet.