Frankie of Boults Walk

Frankie is a five year old black male cat who lives on Boults Walk.


Yup, I’m really loud! In my former life I lived with 12 other cats so had to make myself heard. Plus I’m a bit of a metal-head, so it kind of goes with my image!

My former human went off to Eastern Europe and left us all behind so I ended up in a local Cats Protection shelter where I got very fat. In fact, when my current human turned up to collect me she didn’t recognise me from the photo on the CP website as my double chin had a double chin!

I stayed pretty close to home for a couple of weeks once I arrived in Cats’ Grove. But boy, when I went out, that was it… the neighbourhood didn’t know what hit it! I’d put a bit of weight on over the winter but that soon dropped off once the birds started fledging… well, biting the heads off chicks is all part of my heavy metal image! Just listen out for me if you live in Boults Walk, Milman Road, the town centre, Australia…


Frankie and his roadie can be contacted at [email protected]. You can use the same email address if you would like your Katesgrove cat to be profiled.

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