Cintra Park and Waterloo Meadows are equidistant from the Whitley Pump, but Cintra Park, with its chestnut avenue and expansive lawns, is more formal than the meadows by the Kennet.

A cedar tree was planted in Cintra Park by Redlands Women’s Institute in 2012 to commemorate the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. It is slow growing, but growth is discernible in the four years since being planted.

The jubilee planting was attended by the Mayor Deborah Edwards and there is a slideshow here.

Close to the jubilee tree is another planted for the coronation of the Queen’s father George VI in 1937. This Japanese white cherry was planted by Mr and Mrs AM Terrell who lived at 25, Warwick Road [ref 1].

Most of the other trees planted to mark the coronation were in public places, including a silver birch planted in Prospect Park by the Mayor, Alderman Alice Jenkins [ref 2].


  1. The Royal record of tree planting : the provision of open stages recreation grounds & other schemes in honour of the Coronation of His Majesty King George VI. A digitised version of this record was made available by the Woodland Trust in 2012 but is no longer online. There are copies of the book in the British Library (link above refers).
  2. Alderman Alice Jenkins was Reading’s second woman Mayor 1936-37. There is a photograph of her with the first woman Mayor Edith Sutton in the Reading Museum Collection.