Kernow (aka Germaine) is an eight year old female silver tabby who lives on Milman Road.

I may have been born in suburban Sandhurst, but I am Cat; hear me roar. I am the monochrome tiger, the terror of rats, the triumph of the will.

I was originally called Germaine because I take no shit from any male, which usually means my brother Roosevelt against whom I launch frequent surprise attacks. If my ape slave (also a weak and pathetic male) fails in his duty to feed me on time, I push his stuff to the floor and try to control his mind by giving him hard, green, unblinking stares. If I decide my ape deserves reward then I let him stroke the soft fur on my belly, and his feeble will crumbles before my feline superiority.

I am very fond of using my ape as a heated cushion, or sleeping in his sock drawer. He still turfs me out each evening because otherwise I wake him up at 3am by sitting on his face, but I volubly let him know of my displeasure at his disobedience.

I was eventually named Kernow because the markings on my back look like Saint Piran’s flag and because there is still something wild, brutal and untamed about me, like Cornwall.

Kernow and her partially house-trained ape can be contacted at [email protected]. You can use the same email address if you would like your Katesgrove cat to be profiled.

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