Baxter of Boults Walk

Baxter is a seven year old male tuxedo cat who lives on Boults Walk.

Yeah, it’s pretty good living around here. Better than with the students in Cornwall where I lived before anyway. It was all pot noodles and late nights there, and they never got me neutered which is why I’ve got these big cheeks and a bad boy attitude.

The first night my new human took me home to Boults Walk, I jumped out of the first floor bedroom window in the middle of the night… luckily it was a grass lawn in those days, not this trendy gravel they’ve all got now, so I had a soft landing. I had a look around the neighbourhood and thought, yeah this is OK for me; loads of gardens to explore, varmints to torment and other cats to intimidate, so I decided to stay and turned up for breakfast next morning. My human did look a bit stressed, I must say!

I like to think of myself as a bit of a Marlon Brando although my human says I’m more of a Frank Bruno, a big daft softie who makes himself scarce when there’s any trouble… hang on, was that the sound of a can opening? I’m off!

Baxter and his personal chef can be contacted at [email protected]. You can use the same email address if you would like your Katesgrove cat to be profiled.

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