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The view from Katesgrove Hill

What is this Waterloo Meadows monument?

This strange monument, looking like a stylised stone table and chair, has sat by the cycle path in Waterloo Meadows next to the children’s centre for as long as anyone can remember.

Whitley Pump reader Jane Burnett asked:

I’ve always wondered what these stone plinths were down in Waterloo Meadows. When I first visited I assumed they were the remnants of some Napoleonic memorial but I understand the area used to be brick kilns so unlikely to have any statuary… any idea?

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  1. I’d also love to know! Have cycled past a few times and wondered.

  2. I always wondered what came first the stone table or the tree?

  3. I’ve been told this, by someone who prefers to remain anonymous.
    “When Sustrans was developing the National Cycle Network in 1997 or 1998, they wanted to add public art to provide places of interest and curiosity along the route. The guy Sustrans employed to commission this public art simply acquired pieces and then tried to place them.
    When we saw the pieces now at Waterloo Meadows were for sale and within our budget, we got it delivered. The artist arrived and was very bemused as we hadn’t actually agreed a spot for it. We simply wandered about looking at the trees so we could locate the bit with the cutout next to a suitably sized tree. Then we unloaded it and left. The artist was expecting the mayor or something. It makes me chuckle every time I see it, as now its arrival and purpose has been lost.”

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