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The view from Katesgrove Hill

Final week of Beat the Street

In the last week of Beat the Street, pick up some points with a beatbox tour around the Whitley Pump.

Start and finish outside Café Madras almost at the top of Whitley Street. While you are here, you can admire the Whitley Pump and the Whitley Pump plaque!

Take care crossing the road and use designated pedestrian crossings wherever available.


Turn left onto Christchurch Road and continue eastwards, then cross the road using the pelican crossing.

Continue eastwards on the south side of Christchurch Road for a few meters then turn right onto Glebe Road. Continue south to the end of Glebe Road and turn left (east) at the junction with Christchurch Gardens.

Cross Christchurch Gardens at the crossing point, and continue eastwards to Northumberland Avenue.

Northumberland Avenue

Walk south down the western side of Northumberland Avenue until just before the Palmer Academy.

**Tap Beat Box 112**

Cross the road by the crossing and walk back up the eastern side of Northumberland Avenue to the car park entrance to Cintra Park. Once in Cintra Park turn right and do an anti-clockwise circuit including the avenue of chestnuts.

Chestnut Avenue

Exit at Cintra Avenue.

**Tap Beat Box 108**

Walk north up Cintra Avenue to join Christchurch Road, then turn left (west) and cross at the pedestrian crossing.

Continue west along the northern side of Christchurch Road as far as Kendrick Road.

Turn right onto Kendrick Road and walk north down the eastern side of Kendrick Road as far as the junction with London Road. Cross to the other side of Kendrick Road using the pedestrian crossing.

** Tap Beat Box 10**

Turn left at London Road and walk westwards to the junction with Silver Street.

Rising Sun Arts Centre

Turn left up Silver Street and walk south past the Rising Sun Arts Centre on the other side of the road. Keep going as far as Tesco on Whitley Street at the top of the hill.

Cross Whitley Street at the crossing, and turn left to continue a little way southwards to Essex Street.

Turn right onto Essex Street and continue west until the road joins Elizabeth Walk.

Turn left (southwards) and continue to the end of Elizabeth Walk, next to Milman Road Health Centre.

Barricades at Milman Road Health Centre

Turn right onto Milman Road and continue westwards towards New Christ Church School and Spring Gardens.

**Tap Beat Box 111**

Return east along Milman Road to Whitley Street.

Turn left at Whitley Street and continue northwards, taking care when crossing Essex Street, to the pedestrian crossing near Tesco.

Cross the road and turn right to the finish point, a few metres south of Tesco. You will have added 30 points to your score.

Whitley Pump - May 2016

Whitley Pump – May 2016

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  1. a nice example of a wander around an urban area – could do with some details of items of interest seen on route as well as the pictures.

  2. Thank you. Here at the Whitley Pump, we’re always looking for people with local knowledge and if you have some insight into, or even pictures of, interesting things en route, we’d love to see if we can publish something about them.

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