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Chaos at Milman Road Health Centre

Barricades at Milman Road Health Centre

Barricades at Milman Road Health Centre

It looks as if the doctors and staff at Milman Road Health Centre have fortified their hilltop position and barricaded themselves in! The hoardings recently went up on the Milman Road side of the building, completely blocking the pavement.

Confused patients or pharmacy visitors could be forgiven for thinking that the doctors and pharmacy were closed. Access to the building is now via a door from the Health Centre car park. On the morning of 9 March there were no directions to let people know where to go but by the end of the afternoon signs had been posted.

Whitley Pump spoke to Resource Building Services about progress on the site and were told that there have been some delays to the building work and the schedule is currently being reviewed. The blocking of the pavement is due to be inspected by Reading Borough Council next week for compliance with their requirements. The recent wild weather has been of concern and had caused fencing to blow over on a few occasions. The company is now able to monitor this remotely by CCTV and repair the damage more quickly.

Local residents including those on Elizabeth Walk, Milman Road and Mitcham Close as well as New Christ Church Primary School and Christchurch should expect to receive a newsletter from Resource Building Services updating them about progress by the end of next week.

  1. Milman Road Health Centre extension works may last until June 2016
  2. South end of Elizabeth Walk blocked by wind blown fences
  3. Resource Building Services

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  1. The pedestrian diversion signs, barriers and hoardings have been improved since this post was written.

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