The Pheasant and the view over the town centre

The Pheasant and the view over the town centre

The Whitley Pump is subtitled “the view from Katesgrove Hill” and Katesgrove has some remarkable views. The view on approaching Reading from the south has changed in the last two hundred years but has not lost its significance.

The Whitley Pump has joined Historypin and started a collection of images called ‘Katesgrove Views’ to document those that contribute to the character of our local area. As developments take place, views are sometimes lost and new views may open up; different times of day, the seasons and the weather make a difference to the view.

Historypin is a public online community for sharing images, video and sound recordings of historic significance. Within Historypin, the location of the content is recorded by ‘pinning’ to Google maps.

You can add your favourite views to the Whitley Pump collection by following these instructions. Please include a short description of why you like the view or think it is important. You can also add a comment to the photographs already uploaded to the collection.

Christ Church, Reading

Views and vistas, including focal points, are an important part of definition of a conservation area. For example, the Kendrick conservation area character appraisal says:

At the southern end of Kendrick Road, the 164 ft high spire of the grade II listed Christ Church (1861-2 by Woodyer) towers above the tall avenue of plane trees, centred directly on the midpoint of the road as part of a deliberate piece of Victorian town planning. At its northern end, the view along Kendrick Road is stopped by no. 39 London Road. Views of these two historic buildings, framed by the mature avenue of street trees, create an urban street of special historic and visual interest.

Conservation areas are usually designated by local authorities, but Historic England also provides useful guidance.

If you go out for a walk around Reading over the bank holiday, when things are quieter than usual, take a moment to enjoy some of Katesgrove’s views.

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