Tom Cartmill in his studio

In an open studio event over the weekend of 4-6 December 2015, Tom Cartmill’s working space had been tidied up to present his work to a constant flow of interested guests and customers.

Although he lives in Katesgrove, work is the Rear Door Studio in a disused milking parlour at High Copse Farm, Shinfield, which was previously occupied by the University of Reading.

Even on a mild winter’s day it is cold. “It goes with the territory,” Tom said.

In fact, it was last year’s cold winter that inspired his latest series of works. He began drawing because of the affect the cold had on his paints. He continued to draw for the next three months to the exclusion of other work such as his textured canvases which are built up with layer upon layer of paint.

Artists Studios at Hyde End Farm

A Reading based financial services company recently purchased one of his works and commissioned him to produce two more large works, 3 metres wide, which have now been hung in their boardroom. Reading Foundation for Art have two of his works in their collection which featured in a recent video that marked their forty year anniversary.

In the foreground current work

Apart from open events such as this, the studio can be visited by appointment. Two other artists Cathy Newell Price and Sue Mundy occupy the Milking Machine Studios in the same building.

  1. Tom Cartmill
  2. Reading Foundation for Art
  3. Reading Foundation for Art 2015 by Konrad Welz. Tom Cartmill’s works are featured at 5:26 minutes in.