Dan 'Elf' and Abby 'Penguin' Knowles welcomes visitors to the fair

Dan ‘Elf’ and Abby ‘Penguin’ Knowles welcome visitors to the fair

The Katesgrove Community Association (KCA) held their Christmas fair on Saturday 28 November at the Waterloo Meadows Children’s Centre. The fair was visited by Santa Claus himself, with Reading Deputy Mayor Mohammed Ayub and Katesgrove councillors Rose Williams and Matt Rodda playing supporting roles.

The fair included stalls selling books & CDs, cakes, toys and a pantry selling hotdogs and tea. Abby Knowles (pictured, as a penguin) told the Whitley Pump that the money raised from the event would probably go towards covering the costs of running the KCA, but Katesgrove residents could always suggest other uses for it at monthly residents’ meetings.

The KCA support charities and causes such as

They also hold regular events at the Waterloo Meadows Children’s Centre, including

  • a knit and natter group on Tuesdays from 1-2pm
  • a coffee afternoon on Tuesdays from 2-3pm
  • a residents’ meeting every second Wednesday of the month at 7.00pm.

“The knit and natter and the coffee afternoon are groups for anyone to come and do a bit of crafts or have a cuppa and a chat,” said Abby Knowles.

The KCA is also involved in the regular clean-ups of the Katesgrove area.

  1. Katesgrove Community Association
  2. Churches in Reading drop-in centre (CIRDIC)
  3. Katesgrove primary school
  4. Macmillan nurses
  5. Groundwork trust
  6. Age UK big chinwag