Posipavanje ceste pri Ptuju 1962

Reading Borough Council monitors weather forecasts from mid November to the end of March and salts all A and B class roads in the district if ice is predicted.

In Katesgrove, the primary roads that will be gritted are

  • The A33 bypass
  • The A329 inner distribution ringroad (IDR)
  • Rose Kiln Lane
  • Basingstoke Road, Whitley Street, Southampton Street, Mount Pleasant and London Street (A327)
  • Christchurch Road and Shinfield Road (A327)
  • Christchurch Gardens (from Basingstoke Road to Northumberland Avenue)
  • Northumberland Avenue
  • London Road, Crown Street and Pell Street (A4)
  • Kendrick Road
  • Cressingham Road
  • Manor Farm Road and Lindisfarne Way
  • Hartland Road

The secondary roads to be gritted are

  • Elgar Road
  • Alpine Street
  • Gilette Way
  • Buckland Road
  • Newcastle Road, Corbridge Road and Hexham Road
  • Blagdon Road
  • Bennet Road
  • Acre Road
  • Imperial Way

Reading Borough Council is not responsible for gritting the M4 or its junctions, or roads in the West Berkshire or Wokingham districts.

  1. Reading Borough Council winter gritting
  2. RBC gritting routes (PDF)