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One week left to Comment on Reading’s Cost Saving Proposals

Reading Borough Council Civic Offices

The deadline to comment on the first of Reading Borough Council’s cost saving proposals is 5 pm on Friday 16 October 2015.

The 28 proposals cover a wide range of council services and include cost savings by cutting services, changing the way services are delivered or generating income from the service.

You can choose to comment only on those proposals that affect you or in which you have an interest.

The savings in the proposals are only the first and total £7.24 million. £39 million must be saved over the next three years to 2019.



  1. Budget Consultation – July 2015

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  1. According to their own data :
    * the 15 most senior staff at Reading Borough Council (RBC) take home over a £1 million a year of public money
    * the Managing Director is paid £135,000 per year

    and :
    * RBC have sacked 600 employees to meet budget cuts
    * RBC proposes to reduce services
    * RBC proposes to increase council tax for some people currently on council tax benefit
    * there are many more cuts to come

    Council tax payers are also invited to comment on these observations (to RBC, not to the Whitley Pump!), although the council have not included senior salary and pension discussions as one of their budget cut proposals.


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