The latest Minster and Katesgrove crime figures, for July 2015, include 164 reports of which the largest categories were violence and anti-social behaviour.

The largest group of crimes in the area were categorised as “violence and sexual offences” at 49 (30%) and “anti-social behaviour” at 47 (29%).

In the year since August 2014, 1574 crimes have been reported in Minster and Katesgrove. The biggest category of crimes, at 26%, was anti-social behaviour and the second biggest, at 22%, included violence and sexual offences.

No further action was taken for 62% (767) of this 1574 annual total. 20% (246) are still under investigation, 5% (65) were dealt with by the police with a caution, warning or penalty notice, 5% (63) have been sent to court and 8% (99) have already been dealt with at court.

37 of the 1574 total (2%) resulted in an actual or suspended prison sentence, community sentence or fine.

Detailed statistics are available from the Home Office at All percentages in this story have been rounded to the nearest whole number.